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Giving our best for our children

To know about God and to know God

5 things I learned in Religious Education/ Sunday School/ Bible Study/ Youth Group

  1. I memorized prayers. Everytime I go to confession I was less anxious because I know the prayers from when I was young. (If you don’t the prayers, don’t worry.)

  2. I know the 7 Sacramental Mysteries and that some are aimed at new life (Baptism, Chrismation, Eucharist), some are aimed at healing of soul and body (Reconciliation/confession and anointing of the sick), and some are aimed at service (Marriage/ Coronation and ordination)

  3. I was inspired by the lives of the saints

  4. The Bible became less intimidating and more understandable

  5. I went on retreats and learned what retreats were. Spending a day or more in prayer, discussion, and learning about the faith.

1 thing I didn’t like

  1. It was BORING

5 things I taught in Religious Education/ Sunday School/ Bible Study/ Youth Group

  1. The life of Jesus and what it teaches us, what Old Testament prophecies it fulfils, and how it saves us.

  2. The three types of prayer- spoken prayer (like the Our Father), deep thought prayer (meditation), and Holy Spirit Prayer (contemplation, the Holy Spirit groaning within us, prayer as a pure gift from God).

  3. What Christians believed 500 years ago, 1000 years ago, 1700 years ago, 2000 years ago. When we look at the writings of Christians before us we see that things we consider traditions of man are actually traditions of the apostles.

  4. That we can know and love God. That God is not an idea. That Christianity is not a theory, but a love affair.

  5. That in scripture, prayer, and sacramental mysteries God seeks to encounter us, to love us, to live in us, and to transform us.

How youth group changed my life

  1. I made friends who loved God.

  2. I began to love mass, confession, and prayer because I saw them change lives.

  3. I witnessed and experienced the confrontation of deep struggles, the courage to share our problems with our parents, and the ability to love ourselves.

  4. There were multiple marriages, five ordinations to the priesthood, and four women becoming nuns in large part due to Youth Group.

What can parents and relatives do?

  1. Encourage your kids to learn about faith in God the same way you encourage them to go to school.

  2. Be a witness and example. You are the primary teacher for your children, you are the apostle to your children, be a witness that they might imitate you in imitating Jesus.

  3. Pray with and for your children.

  4. Study and learn. If you know God and know about God then you are able to teach them and introduce them.

Prayer for the children of our parish

O Jesus, you came as a child and loved the temple which was your Father’s house. You studied and grew under the care of your parents, and sought to spend time with the teachers. May our children grow to imitate you through loving our Father’s house and seeking good teachers. May our parents work to instill in their children a love for you which they first know ourselves. Lord God, bless our teachers, most importantly all parents and guardians who are the primary teachers. Lord, give us zeal that we may seek to know you and imitate you. We ask that none of our children be lost or turn away from your love. We praise and glorify you, your Father, and your Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen

- Parish improvement feedback. What can we do better? Please anonymously write your comments and turn them in over the next few weeks.

- House of Bread volunteering 9 am - 2 pm Tuesday, October 23rd. - Bishop Elias visit Friday through Sunday December 7-9. With meet and greet, spiritual talk, liturgies, Saturday Night Dinner, and raffle. - Initiatives- To what is God calling you? What are your hopes, dreams, and ideas for our parish? What do you want to do? Mission, charity, prayers, work, fundraisers, or maintenance? How can we support you?

-We will be going to the pumpkin patch in the coming weeks.

St. Vincent de Paul men’s shelter 6:30-8 pm this Saturday, Oct 6.

St. Ignatius of Antioch Third week after Holy Cross September 30, 2018

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